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Solid locking system

The quality of this locking system is totally superb. These locks are solid and very sturdy. More suited for E-bikes however I think it’s great that it gives me the option to use any one of the locks for my bicycle. It’s very easy to use and it comes with nice quality keys that works great. I high recommend this locking system it is top notch.

Easy to use and gives me peace of mind

This lock fits my security needs for my e-bike. I like that I am able to secure my tires together with the 6-ft cable. The U-lock is considered the most secure type of lock, plus the additional cable + foldable lock makes it even more secure. The bike thief will have to cut through 3 locks to get my bike. I'd like to think that having multiple locks will deter thieves from even trying to steal it lol.

I like that both the foldable lock and U-lock have mounts for ease of keeping them with my bike.

Overall, I'm really happy with this set! They feel like they are built with solid, quality materials, and I have confidence they will keep my bike safe.

I like it for the peace of mind.

I keep our bikes inside our garage so I didn't get any bike locks but I decided to get them now because my work-at-home is ending later this month and I'll begin commuting to work on my e-bike. I know that determined thieves with angle grinders can probably cut through these locks but these locks are better than nothing, and I'm hoping that they will move on to easier targets when they see a lock on a bike.

I like that this comes in a set because I can apply the kit to multiple bikes when we go out for a family ride.

Does the job

I like this lock, I felt protected with it locking my bike. I've had it for 2 years now and the mounting system is broken. It seems from wear and tear. Just keep that in mind

Mule girl

works great super sturdy

Solid lock

Solid lock and the mounting system is nice.also the fact you can register the key is nice!!!

Electric bike lock set

I had a electric bike and I wanted to be able to keep it safe and locked up this lock set was perfect I love that it come with a bag to storage the lock very heavy duty so you don’t have to worry about someone trying to take you bike.

Way better than combo locks

I got my last bike stolen in broad daylight because the combo locks can be opened without tools. This lock is way better, if you look through these reviews you'll see a bunch of failed theft attempts, but if you go through combo lock reviews, you'll see a lot of missing bikes. Spend the extra 20$ and save yourself $400 by not having to buy a new bike.

A must have

Easy to lock up electric bike. If the bike motor hadn't had issues this was excellent for parking my bike at work and not worry about theft

Love the backup on these

My kids have very expensive electric scooters that they ride daily. This is so great that it has multiple ways to lock it. Love the protection this offers.

Locks are great! Mounts did not work well for my bike.

The mounting gear did not fit on my bike but the lock fits in my rear saddle bag.

HIGH QUALITY AND SOLID; Heavy For Bicycle/Better Suited For Motorized Bike

This bike lock set consists of a rigid folding lock, a U-lock, a cable, and a mounting bracket. All pieces in this set are thick and heavy and have a high-quality look and feel to them. No bike lock is theft proof, but the quality of this set is certainly a strong deterrent. The solid construction gives me a piece of mind.

The mounting bracket is quick to install and serves as a holster for the rigid folding lock while the steel cable sports looped ends that can be threaded through the U-lock. The locks operate smoothly and easily. Each lock comes with it’s own pair of keys.

The folding lock and cable are both adequately long enough to securely marry the trunk of my bike to it’s appendices and/or supporting structures (frame/wheel/handle/pole/sometimes maybe helmet).

- Good quality set of bike locks that offer strong security and peace of mind.
- Quality that inspires confidence; heavy duty; sturdy and solid.
- Convenient and easy to operate lock mounts
- Adequate length on both folding lock and steel cable; There is still plenty of slack after locking down your bike/peripherals.
- Tedious and time-consuming application when parking/locking, but worth it for a piece of mind
- Expensive, but not as expensive as having your bike stolen

So far it has proven to be solid and reliable. Don’t skip this set if you own an e-bike or any kind of bike. Just think of it as insurance. For instructions on how to use the locks please see my photos for reference to the manufacturer's instructions!

This is an easy answer to bike security issues.

We got this to use with an electric bike.

It arrives ready to use.
It comes with very good directions that are clear and easy to understand.

The set is very well made.
The joints and connections are solid and sturdy.
They both seem rugged.
The locking mechanisms feel durable.

To test them out we ran the foldable lock around the frame of an electric scooter and then through the wheel and secured it to a post.
It was easy to put on and lock, as well as unlock and remove.
The key fit perfectly and was easy to use.
Next we tried the U lock one on an electric bike around the main frame and a post that would be like a bike rack post.
It again installed, locked, unlocked and removed very easily.

We would buy this set again.

My bike is very secure with these.

I have an electric bike. They are not cheap and up until now I have hesitated to lock it up when out and about, so I haven’t and just kept the bike close.

These locks, being two of are excellent and allows me to securely secure my bike where I go, including into shops and cafes.

The U bolt and change is long enough t secure it to a wheel and the frame and the rectangular lock allows me to secure the front wheel and the frame to a lamp post.

Heavy strong metal means that its hard to saw through and I can confidently go away and know my bike will still be where I left it when I return.

Well worth the investment as it might just save a lot of heartache.

This Via Velo high-security lock set is just that and might just be the difference between your bike being there on your return and not. It's incredibly well made and just as well thought out with its simple, no-fuss folding design and functionality.
It's straightforward to use and genuinely feels like a premium product from the get-go. It's easy to fit the frame for transportation where the weight feels negligible using the included fittings and doesn't affect the balance of the bike during riding. As you can see in my short clumsy video and photo, I have the Via Velo kit on my Ebike as I trust the system to give me enough time to go about my business safe in the knowledge that my bike will still be there when I return to it though I would always advise removing the battery and taking it with you and not leaving any bike any longer than is necessary regardless of how good the security is.

In summary, I understand it's a considered purchase, but it's well worth the investment when weighed up against the cost of the bike you have and what it would cost to replace it if the worst happens. For me, it's a no-brainer and I highly recommend this premium lock Via Velo locking system.

Great lock

Secure, sturdy, easy to operate, versatile, good quality.

strong locks

I often lock my bike up around town and insist on a decent D lock to secure my bike to a post. This set from Via Velo appears to cover all bases with its 6ft cable, strong D lock and a concertina folding flat lock. I am so far impressed, operating the locks has been smooth with no snagging, the keys are well machined and wont bend easily. Overall I am quite confident with this set, it should provide you with a decent level of protection if all three are used. recommended.

Excellent when used as per video instructions

Great when used as per the video instruction. Very secure. Though you CAN use the two components separately, securing the frame and the tires is recommended to keep the bike more secure. The locks seem sturdy and so far are working seamlessly. The two keys is a bit annoying, however it does make the system more secure.

Offers at least a basic level of protection against opportunistic scumbags

You get both a u-lock and folding steel lock, as well as a 6' cable, which should be used with either of these locks to help secure things like wheels or even your saddle.

Both locks include two keys, so you get one for use and a spare, so a total of 4 keys. There is a key code in case you need to order replacements, which is great to see and pretty common for locks to come with.

The feel of the u-lock is OK. Not amazing, but "good enough". You do get mounts for both the u-lock and folding lock, which makes keeping these locks with you a lot more convenient.

I will say that both locks are quite heavy - over 2-3lbs each, so they will add a significant weight penalty to your bike, if you decide to take both. On an e-bike, this is less of a concern, but you can certainly feel the extra weight peddling on a non-electric bike.

The folding lock is beefier than I was expecting, and I've already used it several times on outings where I need to leave my bike outside for several minutes at a time.

Worth invest in proper security lock for an expensive bike

Lock is very heavy duty so you don’t have to worry about someone trying to take you bike, better be protected than sorry.

Good Lock

This Electric Bike Lock Set Triple Protection Via Velo 2022 New Heavy-Duty Hard Steel | 33.5” is a good set of locks for an electric bike for a fair price.

The quality of these locks is particularly good and the function of these is remarkably like the larger name brand locks on the market. The thing you must be aware of is that regardless of what brand of lock you have, if someone is committed enough to stealing your bike, they will be able to steal it. These work to help ward off someone attempting to steal your bike, but these locks are best used along with other anti-theft devices like a vibration sensitive alarm or other anti-theft products. I'd also suggest not leaving your bike somewhere for a prolonged period of time, even while locked up. The longer it sits there the higher the risk of it getting stolen is, period.

Overall, these are excellent quality locks that are simple to use and offer an effective way to discourage someone from stealing your bike. 5/5 stars.

Super beefy, similar to big brand bike locks for weight and security

Putting the u-lock through a wheel and around a bike parking stand is layer one of security. Loop the cable through that and around the front wheel is layer two. The "bar" type lock is yet another layer to go between the wheel, frame, and a parking stand.

Frankly, while a dedicated thief could remove all of these with the right tools, and sufficient time, they're more likely to move on to an easier target - this kit shows you're serious.

Strong, Heavy Duty Locks

This set of electric bike locks are made with good quality materials. They are heavy duty and strong. Heavy to carry on a regular road bike if you are doing long distance riding, but excellent for an electric bike. I am using the folding lock on my mountain bike and I don’t notice the extra weight. The locks are easy to install and use on any bike. Set comes with folding lock, U lock and 6 foot cable. Both the folding lock and U lock have their own set of keys. Each set of keys has their own serial number so if you lose your keys you can get them replaced. Both locks can be used on 1 bike or separately. Overall a well made bike lock set and a great theft deterrent.

Very sturdy

Easy to use, I just wish they where a tad larger, but over all a great product.

Three Secure Deterrents For Your Bikes

When it comes to portable security devices, there is very little that would be absolutely fool proof, and this is no different. I always accept that to a hardened criminal, most portable security devices can be cracked.

The benefit of these is that merely having a half decent device attached is enough to act as a deterrent, to prevent somebody from wanting to be seen trying to steal your bike, as most thefts are I expect carried out by opportunists.

These are best used during the day in built up areas, I would be less inclined to be using them at night in poorly lit areas, for the best part at night my bikes would be in a garage.

With the above in mind, these three security devices from Via Velo seem good as deterrents, they are sturdy, well made, and for the best part seem more secure than many.

The steel folding lock offers plenty of room for locking your bikes to something like a post, I will be using these locks for two mountain bikes, but this would also go through the wheel of my motorbike to either lock it to something or prevent it from being wheeled off. This would work well round scooters or mopeds too I suspect.

The two keys that come with the folding lock are uniquely coded, they come with a key code, keep this card safe as without the code, you won't be able to get replacement keys. the lock is made from hardened steel, and the joints look very good and seem solid.

The six foot extended cable is perfect to use in conjunction with the other locks, on it's own it may be less secure, but in conjunction, it adds a second level of security and good for bike or motorbike crash helmets and accessories.

The U-Lock will go through the wheels of e-bikes and mountain bikes, probably mopeds and scooters too as their tyres are smaller than larger motorbikes. Even on motorbikes though you could put the lock through the wheel side to side, at the top would be best on a front wheel as you will get the forks through it too.

All in all this is a nice set of security products which add a little extra peace of mind when you've stopped up for a stroll around town, or for a pit stop in a café or restaurant.


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