The Via Velo Story

Who We Are

A Leading International Bike Lock Brand

Via Velo is a Canadian based leading brand in the international bike lock market. We pride ourselves on being a family run business that makes great products at great prices, and our unparalleled customer feedback really lets it show.

What We Do Best

Via Velo Bicycle Locks are among the Best on the Market

While there are many kinds of bike locks available on the market, our specifically chosen selection offers the best choice for security, strength and durability. Our locks are designed to meet the needs of most cyclists. Simply put, Via Velo bicycle locks have provided peace of mind to countless bike owners and have ensured the safety of thousands of bikes around the world. If you are a passionate cyclist in search of the best combination bike lock and cable, your search can safely end here!

Why Choose Via Velo

Choose Via Velo as Your Partner against Bicycle Crime

We know that with the abundance of products on the market, choosing a bike lock can be a challenge. To earn your trust, we are committed to manufacturing security locks of the highest quality, designed to give you the peace of mind needed to enjoy the ride – and all the time in between. We make an effort to keep in touch with our customers, analyze trends, learn from our competitors, and are continuously looking for ways to improve our products.

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