Anti-Theft Folding Bike Lock

Made of hardened steel with high tensile strength providing protection from bolt cutter, saw, and drill attacks. 

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Via Velo – High Security, compact, anti-theft folding lock for your e-bike and more.

✔ Versatile & High Security

Expertly designed folding lock – perfect for electric bikes, scooters, mountain bikes. Locks almost anything else you would like to keep secure.

✔ Lightweight and Compact Folding Design

More convenient to carry around than other kinds of bike locks. Attaches quickly to your bike using included mounting case or self-fastening straps.

✔ Hardened steel with high tensile strength

Made of hardened steel with high tensile strength. Provides protection from bolt cutter, saw, and drill attacks.

✔ Waterproof, Rust-proof & No-scratch Design

Durable and weather-resistant design intended to last. Metal is protected with a plastic casing to prevent it from scratching your bicycle's paint.

Safety Tips

Avoid high crime areas. Don't leave your locked bike unattended for long periods of time. Remember, no bike like is 100% secure!

NEW! Larger and longer folding lock design!

 Fits Most Electric Bicycles

Our new larger and longer folding lock is the perfect solution for keeping your valuable e-bike secure when you make a pitstop while out exploring.

 Various Ways to Lock Your Bike

Every bike frame is different. So are the bike racks or posts that you need to lock them to. Depending on the situation, the Via Velo folding lock can be used in different ways to secure your bike frame or wheel and frame to the available bike rack or post.

 Tip: Consider Using Two Locks

An electric bike is a valuable asset and would be painful to lose if you can prevent it. Why not make it harder for thieves to steal by using two or even three locks?

Technical Specifications

Easy-to-use with Flexible Mounting Options

Bicycle manufacturers are more innovative than ever and bike frames are being designed in all shapes and sizes. Both of the locks included in this set come with mounting options adaptable to most bikes. Two options to attach your Via Velo folding lock to your bike frame are included – the included mounting case can be attached to your bike frame either with standard water bottle bolts, or with the flexible self-adhering straps so you can position the case where it will fit best. The Via Velo mounting bracket comes with two lengths of screws so it can be attached to different diameters of bike frame tube.

What's included?

  • Folding lock
  • Mounting case
  • Optional self-adhering straps
  • Two keys with replacement code

Will this lock scratch my bike when I lock it up?

No. The solid steel of the lock has a plastic casing so it won't scratch your paint when you unfold and wrap it around your bike.

Extra large for larger bikes

  • Via Velo's foldable lock opens to 85 cm (33 in) chain link circumference. It is also suitable for motorcycles, mountain bikes, and scooters.
  • When folded the lock is remarkably compact, folding to a size of 2.35in x 7.45in
  • At only 2.2lbs (1 Kg), its light enough to carry around in your coat pocket or backpack.

Convenient Mounting Options

  • Use the convenient and easy-to-install mounting bracket to take your lock with you while on the go.
  • The mounting case is easy to install and comes with all you need.
  • The case includes holes for attaching to standard water bottle mounting holes on your bike frame.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
compact yet strong as hell

This is some serious heavy duty bike lock that is super compact. It comes with a holster that can be strapped to the frame of the bike for carrying then simply remove the lock and unfold the steel frames.
It comes with 2 special keys that will be impossible to pick and once you unlock it, it has 6 hinges that can be rotated to create a loop so you can loop around the bike's frame against a pole or even just loop around the bike's wheel against the bike's frame so it can't be moved. I can't believe how heavy duty and solid the steel frame is yet it folds very compactly into a small foot print that can be held by the provided holster. Highly recommend it for anyone with expensive electric bike or scooter. 5 out of 5 stars!

R. Williams
Very convenient and secure lock!

I ordered this so my son and I had a simple lock with us at all times. I have previously relied on a large D-lock and cable lock. That setup is effective but heavy and requires me to carry it along in a bookbag. This item can simply attach to the bike and is always ready for use!

This item is pretty simple to install using the included materials. Using it is a little awkward because of how the mechanism attaches, but once you’re used to it, it’s not an issue. When I’m alone, I can simply lock it to a pole or similar. When my kids are with me, I just lock the bikes together!

It works better than expected and is super convenient to have it attached to the bike rather than having to pack it! Good lock!

Chains are cheaper alternatives!

Go for steel chains to lock your bike around odd shaped objects.

A very effective easy to use convenient lock.

Great convenient and easy to use bike lock. Its ability to fold up and then be attached to the bike frame with it's super strong Velcro holder when not in use is very practical. It comes with two keys and they work easy and flawlessly at securing the bike. This lock would put off all but the most prolific bike thieves in my opinion. But i do believe that if a prolific bike thief really wants a bike that they'll get through practically any lock which is why it's important to try and secure the bike where there's CCTV. This lock wouldn't be easy to get through and would take a lot of time so opportunist thieves would definitely be put off.

Simon Pilch
bike lock

super heavy and secure bike lock, expensive but worth it to protect your bike, easy to use and very secure


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