Bike Locks-Why Do You Need Them & Which One Should You Choose

Bike Locks-Why Do You Need Them & Which One Should You Choose

January 16, 2020

If you have recently bought a bike, the dealer may also have forced you to purchase a bike lock. Now, you may think he was just trying to make his sale, but buying a bike lock is actually necessary. It doesn’t matter if you have bought a regular commuter bicycle or an expensive Scott road bike, it is imperative to invest in a strong bike lock as well. 

But, Why? Why exactly do you need a bike lock? The truth is bike theft is one of the commonly reported crimes in the United States. Every year thousands of bikes get stolen across different parts of the country. And, the majority of these bikes are stolen because they weren’t locked. 

A bike lock act as a safety measure for your bike. When there are two bikes parked next to each other and only one of them is locked, the thief will definitely go for the bike that’s unlocked. An unlocked bike would be an easy target for any thief. 

So, once you have bought the right kind of bike for your daily rides, make sure to buy a sturdy bike lock as well. However, the real question is which bike lock should you buy? When it comes to bike locks, you have three different options to choose from. These options include:

  • Cable/Combination Locks
  • Chain Locks
  • U-Locks

Each of these bike locks is designed to solve a different purpose. Let’s understand this more precisely by discussing each of these types in detail. 

Cable/Combination Bike Lock

These are the most basic type of bike lock you can buy. These types of locks are flexible and are usually protected with a dedicated combination. Even though their safety is a debatable topic, cable locks can be used in different ways, if not locking the bike frame. 

Riders usually use a cable bike lock to lock the wheels with the frame as leaving the wheels unlocked also possesses a huge threat to your bike’s safety. It is extremely necessary to lock the wheels otherwise someone would simply unscrew them and walk away, leaving a wheel-less bike behind. 

In addition to locking the wheels, combination locks can also be used to lock your bicycle indoors. As surprising as it may sound, locking the bike indoors is extremely necessary so that even if someone breaks into your house, your bike doesn’t become a potential target for him. 

Cable/combination bike locks are also a suitable option to lock your bike in dedicated office & in-house parking. Since these parking spaces already have dedicated security, a cable lock would be enough to securely lock the bike. 

Chain Locks

Chain locks are a slightly upgraded version of regular cable bike locks. These types of bike locks are comparatively more durable than a normal combination lock. If you are looking for an affordable yet durable cycle lock, chain locks are the most suitable option. 

Since these locks are usually locked with a key, they are difficult to break. While buying a chain locke, however, make sure to look for locks that are designed with thick & sturdy chains. A light chain lock can be easily cut with a small hacksaw and that’s why it isn’t the right option.

Chain locks are perfect for daily commuters who lock their bikes in crowded places. The reason being, even if someone tries to steal your bike or break the lock, he is most likely to draw attention from people nearby. 


Like chain locks, U-locks are also a sturdy option to lock your bike with. However, these bike locks aren’t flexible like a cable and chain bike lock. If you don’t want to compromise with your bike’s safety and are willing to invest in a sturdy bike lock, U-locks are the most durable option. 

As compared to the other two bike locks, U-locks offers extreme durability and don’t break off easily. The majority of riders use U-locks to lock their bikes in the streets. If you are a daily commuter and want to securely lock your bike, a U-lock bike lock is the most suitable option. 

How to Lock Your Bike for Complete Security?

Always remember that there’s no such thing as an unbreakable lock. Even the most sturdy U-lock cannot withstand the expert hands. The key here is to make the thief’s job as difficult as possible so that he eventually gives up. 

The easiest way to do this is to lock your bike using the right techniques so that no one targets your bike. Here are a couple of effective ways you can lock your bike. 

Find a Sturdy Object

A metal object is the most suitable option to lock your bike with. Most of the cities have dedicated bike posts that are specifically placed there to lock the bikes. If your city has these bike posts, you are all good to go. 

However, if you live in an area where bike posts aren’t a common sight, look for iron raining or poles. These types of immovable objects are the best option to lock your bike with as they are difficult to break or lift the bike over. 

Once you have found a sturdy object, simply put your U-lock bike lock around the frame and the object. 

Don’t Just Use a Single Lock

While it is not necessary, it is always a good option to use multiple bike locks while locking your bike. An ideal way to lock your bike is to use the U-lock to lock the frame with the object and two cable locks to lock both the wheels with the frame. 

This way the thief would have to break through three bike locks to steal your bike, which he may not want to do. So, while buying bike locks, make sure to add multiple locks to your cart. 


Buying a cycle lock isn’t rocket science. However, it is necessary to do your research while looking for the right type of lock for your bike. Instead of looking for cheap bike locks, make sure to for expensive and durable locks as they don’t break off easily. You can browse our collection of bike locks to pick the most suitable bike lock as per your requirements and budget. 

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