NEW! Get ultimate security for your e-bike with Via Velo's triple protection locking system

Via Velo's new bike lock set provides security and peace of mind for your e-bike, folding bike or mountain bike

Ideal Locking Solution for all Electric Bicycle Styles

Combining Via Velo's new larger and longer folding lock, with ourclassic heavy-duty U lock and woven steel cable provides the perfectsolution for keeping your valuable e-bike, mountain bike or folding bikesecure when you make a pitstop while out exploring.

Multiple Ways to Lock Your Bike

Be prepared for every locking situation! Bike frames, bike stands andstreet posts come in all sizes. Via Velo's new bike lock set providesultimate flexibility so you can focus on your adventure instead ofworrying about where you will secure your bike. Both locks can be usedin different ways to secure your bike frame or wheel and frame to theavailable bike rack or post.

Safety Tips

Avoid high crime areas. Don't leave your locked bike unattended for long periods of time. Remember, no bike like is 100% secure!

Versatile & High Security Bike Lock & Cable Set

Expertly designed folding lock, u-lock and woven steel cable – perfectfor electric bikes, scooters, mountain bikes, folding bikes. Locksalmost anything else you would like to keep secure.

Folding Lock Features Lightweight and Compact Design

More convenient to carry around than other kinds of bike locks.Attaches quickly to your bike using included mounting case orself-fastening straps.

U Lock Features Extra Long, Heavy Duty Design

Extra long u lock with woven steel cable is perfect for securing largerbike frames, two bikes and to a larger variety of bike stands andposts.

Hardened steel with high tensile strength

Via Velo locks are made of hardened steel with high tensile strength.Designed to provide protection from bolt cutter, saw, and drill attacks.

Waterproof, Rust-proof & No-scratch Design

Durable and weather-resistant design intended to last. Metal of thefolding lock and u lock are protected with an ABS casing to prevent itfrom scratching your bicycle's paint.

Tip: Lock up your helmet with your bike

The extra long u lock and cable provide plenty of room to lock your helmet so you don't have to take it into the coffee shop!

Technical Specifications (U Lock | Folding Lock)

Easy-to-use with Flexible Mounting Options

Bicycle manufacturers are more innovative than ever and bike frames arebeing designed in all shapes and sizes. Both of the locks included inthis set come with mounting options adaptable to most bikes. Two optionsto attach your Via Velo folding lock to your bike frame are included –the included mounting case can be attached to your bike frame eitherwith standard water bottle bolts, or with the flexible self-adheringstraps so you can position the case where it will fit best. The Via Velomounting bracket comes with two lengths of screws so it can be attachedto different diameters of bike frame tube.


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