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2-in-1 Via Velo Heavy Duty Best Bike Cable Lock | Top Quality Bicycle Cable Lock

Your search for a 2-in-1 bike U lock with cable ends here, as Via Velo, the leading bike cable lock manufacturers in the world, bring you the best bicycle U lock with anti-theft protection and a secure locking mechanism that will safeguard your bike, and keep it safe at all times. Besides being the best bike cable lock product, Via Velo offers it on all the leading online shopping portals at extremely competitive prices. Take a look at the product specifications to have a clear understanding of Via Velo’s 2-in-1 top quality and heavy-duty bicycle cable lock! And yes, its advantages as well!


Features of Via Velo Bike U Lock with Cable | Technical Specifications of Via Velo Best Bike Cable Lock


Know what Via Velo’s Bicycle U lock has to offer you.

  • Pull and drill-protective strong lock cylinder
  • Cutting and leveraging protection offered through a thick and strong 14 mm rubber casing, and heat-hardened steel shackle.
  • Shackle steel hardness (Rockwell scale) HRC50 – HRC58. Cutting force strength of 34.3 kN and a pulling force strength of 29.3 kN.
  • Pick-resistant lock that prevents knocking and bumping.
  • The weight of the bicycle cable lock is 3.2 pounds (1.45 kg)
  • A flexible 1800 mm woven steel cable, coupled up with a smoke-grey transparent PVC coating that help secure both, the wheels as well as accessories.
  • 2 exclusively designed keys, thereby making it copying the key difficult.
  • A strong double bolt crossbar locking mechanism that offers double protection against prying and jacking.
  • A comfortable mounting bracket that guarantees compact and safe storage while you are cycling. This eradicates the need to keep the lock in a separate case.
  • Additional features include a lock debris cover to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt in the lock.
  • The PVC protective coating material prevents scratches on the bicycle.


Benefits of Via Velo’s Bike U Lock with Cable

Via Velo’s bicycle U lock is chosen for the following benefits.

  • Exceptional security and added protection to secure your bike.
  • All-weather protection
  • Corrosion and drill resistant
  • 2-in-1 locking system
  • Dust, dirt, water, and debris resistant
  • Durable and strong enough to serve cyclists for a long time.


Maintenance Tips for Via Velo’s Bike U Lock


Clean and lubricate the cylinder and the locking mechanism regularly with a light spray. You may use WD-40 high-performance penetrant to do so.

Cycle security can’t get any better! Via Velo’s bicycle cable lock is all you require to secure your bike. For more information on Via Velo’s bike U lock with cable, or to place an order, get in touch with us today!

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COTX-X3 is a indoor full hotpost, which is compatible with the Helium Network. It is super mini type but with strong performance with Raspberry Pi4 based hardware. It has rich connectors and display screen to show different working status easily. COTX-X3 has FCC certificate (on US915 Model).


Design Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
CPU Quad-core Cortex-A72 @1.5GHz
(4G/8G Optional)
Main-board Raspberry Pi 4B
OS Ubuntu20.04
Micro SD Card Slot 1* Micro SD card
(32G capacity as standard configuration)
Ethernet 1* 10/100/1000M interface(RJ-45)
Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5GHz 802.11AC
BLE 1* Bluetooth5.0
BT Button Press and hold on for 5 seconds to turn on Bluetooth
LoRa Antenna 1* External 3.5dBi LoRa antenna, SMA interface
System LED OFF (Non Power) / Blinking (System Bootup) / On (Operating)
LED Display Screen IP address & the status of BLE, Internet, Ethernet and Wi-Fi


Why Choose Us?

Fast in synchronization. COTX Hotspot is fully adapted to Helium official miner Mirror Program and updates simultaneously with Helium platform.

Stable and secure and system. It is tested and utilized by many open source communities, Helium platform as well as application developers.

Meanwhile, COTX Hotspot maintains minimum updates that synchronizes with the official updates. It reduces mining losses from recurring updates of compilation.

Based on the Raspberry PI open platform, COTX Hotspot is expandable and constructive and offers high system configuration of 2G/4G memory. Other manufacturers’ hotspot is based on close-end platform with only 1G memory. Nor could they be expanded.

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Best Bike U Lock Cable at Competitive Prices

Do you wish to secure your bike with a strong, reliable and durable bike U lock? But of course, who wouldn’t? Every cyclist will want to secure his/ her bike with a top-quality bike U lock! If you are searching for the best bike U locks, you have landed on the right website and the right webpage! Yes, Via Velo best U lock bike lock will end your search for good, and facilitate you the best, strongest, and most enduring bicycle U lock! So, here’s more to the features of Via Velo’s anti-theft security bike U locks, and why you must choose them.

Features of Via Velo’s Bicycle U Lock

  • Convenience and Security Features: The lock comes with 3 keys for convenience. One with a LED light, and one with a replacement code that will further help you to create a new key, in case you lose any.
  • Weather-Resistant: Via Velo’s bicycle lock offers protection from all the weather, and external conditions including dust, dirt, heat, water, rust, etc. This makes the lock durable, thus serving the cyclist with equally good performance throughout.
  • Optimal Anti-Theft Protection: The U Lock bike lock thickness is 15 mm, 28 cm X 15 cm, and is comprised of a cable of 10 mm X 120 cm. This offers maximum protection to the cycle.
  • Night Time Safety: Often, unlocking during the night can turn quite challenging. However, not with Via Velo’s bike U lock that offers LED-lit multifunctional key. This will enable you to approach the bike easily in the dark, and unlock it in an even simpler manner.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We offer a strong, comprehensive, and prompt 24 hours online customer service to resolve your concerns associated with u lock bike lock. To add to our customer satisfaction, we offer a full unconditional refund in case you aren’t happy with the product.
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty for bike U locks sold in the European Union, Canada and the United States, and 90-day money back.


Why Choose Via Velo’s Bike U Lock?


We give you several reasons as to why you must choose our bicycle lock. Here are some of them.

  • A strong steel cable for optimal flexibility
  • Maximum weather protection and durability
  • Simple, yet safe locking mechanism.
  • Replaceable keys.
  • Modern and stylish looks.
  • Simple storage
  • The mounting bracket allows easy carriage. So no need to keep and preserve it at a separate place.

To place an order for the best bike U lock, click on the Buy it Now tab! We are available on Amazon!

$48.96 $59.96


Replacement keys are free excluding shipping.
Available shipping options:
Standard International Shipping (30 Days) = $19.96USD
DHL International Express Shipping (7-10 Day)  = $39.96USD

Use your unique key code, which is found on a plastic tag attached to your key ring, to order replacement keys.

No matter where you purchased your Via Velo bike lock, we will make and ship new keys within 7-30 days.

Note: If you took advantage of our free Key Registration program, you can retrieve your unique key code by signing in to your customer account.

Adjustable mounting bracket for Via Velo U Locks.


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