Compact Folding Lock


Compact Folding Lock


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Product Description

Anti-theft Bike Lock with High Security Rate
Our bike chain lock is made of hardened steel with the feature of high tensile strength and yield ratio, prevents from being sheared by the hydraulic cutter, sawed, drilled. The cylinder, steel material are drill resistant to prevent thieves from stealing your bike.

Extend your bike lock lifespan
Protect your bicycle maximally with a water resistant and rust-proof folding bike lock. Covered by ABS rubber lacquer, prevent it damaging the bike frame and scratching your bike’s paintwork. Enjoy a longer usage life than any other metal bike lock.

Foldable Design to Fit Your Bike
6 bars are greatly folded to reduce the lock size, not take up much space. It is easier to wrap around your bike and lock up than a U-lock or cable lock. No limitation to lock your bike at any place. Light weight makes it more convenient to carry around either in backpack or on bike.

Easy to Assemble in Seconds
The bicycle lock comes with a mounting case, includes allen key two bolts and 2 straps. You can use bolts and straps to mount the lock into any parts of your bike, like saddle, bottle holder. Never have to be weighed down by an uncomfortable bike lock again.

A Silent Foldable Lock for Multi-Purpose
Fold the lock, mount it to your bike’s anywhere, no noise as cable lock does and mess up your ride. 33 inch long unfolding is enough to wrap easily around bike and motorcycle, scooter, even secure gate & fence, sports equipment, pole.


Material  Hardened steel with nylon 6 and glass fibers cover.
Unfolded length 33 inch
Weight 2.2 lb.
  • Level of security is rated 14 out of 18, highest in the same category
  • Ultra-protective rubber to protect the lock from water, rust, corrosion.
  • Hardened steel, stand up against sawing and cutting for added protection.
  • Compact, foldable design ensures the cycle lock is easy to carry, not take up much space
What's in the package?
  • Folding lock
  • Two keys with unique key code
  • Mounting case
  • Allen key + two bolts
  • Two straps

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this fit a fat tire e-bike?

Yes, of course. Our foldable lock opens to 85 cm (33 in) chain link circumference. It is also suitable for motorcycles, mountain bikes, and scooters.

2. How strong is this kind of lock? How does it compare to the security of other locks?

It is strong enough to keep your bike safe from thieves using standard bolt cutters. The security level of this lock is rated 14 out of 18. Most locks are rated 10 and below.

3. How much does the lock weigh?

It weighs about 2 pounds – ultralight. It's a great lock for short stops while at the park or on the road.

4. Will this lock scratch my bike when I lock it up?

No. The solid steel of the lock has a plastic casing so it won't scratch your paint when you unfold and wrap it around your bike.

5. Is it difficult to install the mounting bracket?

No. It is extremely easy to install and includes everything you need: mounting case, an allen key two bolts and 2 straps. You can install using either the bolts or with the straps if you prefer to place it in a different location.

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