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Who We Are

One of the leading manufacturers of bike accessories!

We are Via Velo, we are one of the leading manufacturers of bike accessories, including heavy duty U bicycle lock, and chain locks to keep your cycle safe and secure. We began our venture five years ago with a clear and simple intention of offering the best quality U folding locks. We’ve been in our line of business for quite a long time, and over the years, have developed a strong understanding of our customers, and their demands. We very well acknowledge and empathize with the fact that every bicyclist wants his/ her cycle to be safe, and secure, and therefore ensure that we manufacture the bicycle locks offering absolute security to the cycle.

What We Do

Manufacturers Best Bike Cable Lock

Of course, we all know what U cable locks are! We’ve been using them for years. They are conventionally the best type of cable locks a cyclist can ever have! So, if you are a passionate cyclist, and want to safeguard your cycle with the best combination bike lock, your search ends here! Yes, we are Via Velo, one of the best bike cable lock manufacturers in the world. We offer a wide range of the best combination bike locks for cyclists around the world and thus ensure the safety and security of their cycles. So, when it comes to the best type of bike cable locks, we’ve got a lot of exciting, strong and durable stuff for you! Besides, we will also give you some reasons why ours are the best type of bike locks around.

We are available on all the leading shopping portals, including Amazon and others, to ensure that our consumers can find us anywhere and everywhere, and can avail the broad range of our cable locks and all the other available bicycle accessories. If you wish to protect your bike, here we are! The best combination bike lock manufacturers.

Why Choose Us

For all the cyclists, who are passionate about their cycle and cycling, will go to every extent to secure and safeguard them. Remember, amidst so many bicycle lock manufacturers, choosing a lock can be quite tricky! And hence, it is necessary that you choose the best combination bike lock for your best U lock bike. Via Velo is your best choice for the best type of bike locks. Here are some reasons why you must choose Via Velo best U locks to protect your bike.

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