IMPORTANT: Replacement keys are free, but DHL International Express (7-10 Day) Shipping is a flat rate of $39.96USD. This will be added during checkout once you have added your shipping address.

Use your unique key code, which is found on a plastic tag attached to your key ring, to order replacement keys.

No matter where you purchased your Via Velo bike lock, we will ship new keys within 7-10 days.

Note: If you took advantage of our free Key Registration program, you can retrieve your unique key code by signing in to your customer account.

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Find your unique key code on a plastic tag attached to the key ring of your keys.

Note: There is no charge for production of replacement keys, but a flat shipping and handling fee of $39.96 USD (DHL Express International 7-10 Days) will be added at the end of the checkout process.



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