Via Velo Folding Bike Lock Steel Portable - High Security

Via Velo Folding Bike Lock Steel Portable - High Security

Via Velo for the Best and Top-Quality Folding Bike Locks | Comprehensive U Lock Bike Lock Manufacturers

If you’ve been searching for high tech, and the most portable, foldable, compact, and the best folding bike locks with folding steel joints, choose none other than Via Velo! We are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality folding U lock bile locks to ensure the highest levels of safety and security for your cycle. Our folding locks are made up of top-quality and the latest locking mechanism with anti-theft protection to keep your cycle safe and secure at all times.


Features of the Via Velo’s High Quality and Heavy Duty Folding Bike Lock


 Via Velo’s high quality folding bike locks combine technology, safety, and consumer-specific features to guarantee the highest levels of security for your cycle. Here are some of the prominent features of Via Velo’s folding bike locks.

  • Anti-Theft Protection: The folding bike lock is comprised of imported hardened alloy steel and heat-processed bike lock body, an anti-24T hydraulic-sawing, anti-rust, and drill protected material covered by PVC plastic material. This light weight, yet heavy duty folding bike lock will not cause any scratch on your cycle.
  • Portable: The product is light weight, flexible, and portable owing to its compact size. It is an apt product for every type of cycle and therefore is very popular among cyclists across the globe. Besides portability, the folding bike lock is easy to fold.
  • Keeps the Bike Frame Intact: This is a heavy duty product made up of stainless steel and is coated with ABS rubber paint. This keeps scratches and damage to the cycle frame intact, and also help maintain the looks of the cycle.
  • Easily Foldable Design: Via Velo’s folding bike lock is designed in an extremely efficient manner. The 8 joints foldable design that is made up of helps you store it in a compact locker space. This also makes it easy to carry and install.
  • Excellent Customer Service: This isn’t a feature, but certainly a reason why cyclists across the world must opt for Via Velo’s folding locks. Via Velo offers a comprehensive and excellent customer service to ensure that its consumers always stay with its products and services. We offer a 90-day money back policy, a 24/7 online customer service. In case our customers aren’t happy with the folding locks, we offer an unconditional refund for the product.


Why Choose Via Velo for Folding Bike Locks?

Here are some reasons why you must choose only Via Velo for high-quality folding bike locks.

  • Our security locks are durable, strong, and reliable.
  • Our folding bike locks are preferred by cyclists across all the corners of the world.
  • We offer comprehensive customer service to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Our folding locks are made up of top quality material, and the latest anti-theft protection locking mechanism to ensure 100% cycle safety.
  • Our folding locks are designed in a way to serve the cycle security needs of modern cyclists.
  • Our products are available for sale on the most of the reputed online shopping portals.
  • We are the top manufacturers for folding bike locks and u lock bike locks.

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